An amazing summer and now autumn has arrived

New borders dug in to the main lawn

New borders dug in to the main lawn

After we shut our gates in May there has been a lot of hard work in the gardens.

We lost a tree next to the main lawn pond, so this has really opened up the area and we have to decide what to do with all the light and space. Ken and Mary have also been digging out and replanting the herbaceous border.

We have rather a lot of bindweed that needs attention so we are removing all of the plants from the border and using the opportunity (if you can call it that) to split many of the plants that have been in situ for a considerable time.

In order to find somewhere to plant all the contents we have dug two new borders in to the top of the main lawn raised bank areas, which face the herbaceous border. (A very uninspiring picture above!) We have also re-planted many of the shrubs in other borders around the garden as and when we can. Mary has found some fabulous unused spaces for some of the large hostas and we can’t wait to see what the effect will be in the spring.

Another major change is happening down at the main pond near the azalea walks, we currently have the diggers in. We drained the pond and helped by the dry weather we are now trying to remove some considerable build up of silt. It is an exciting time and hopefully will improve the quality of the pond for years to come.

We are now on leaf collection – final lawn cuts and hedge trimming and most importantly collecting conkers, thankfully there are a few last roses to keep the place looking a little jolly.