Snowdrop weekend 2017 (18/19th February 11am – 4pm)



Nearly time to open the gates again for this years Snowdrop weekend. As is always the case here at Hornby, we have had a busy year making changes and trying to improve things so there is plenty to see. Some of the new borders we have been working on are beginning to really settle down and we have seen lots of new growth and happy plants with lots of buds. The snowdrops are really beginning to come out now, so in a couple of weeks when you pop in to see us, everything should be looking really in bloom. Remember to bring the dog and some sturdy walking shoes!




Snowdrops and Hellebores in the herbaceous border

What’s happening in the garden – February

The new wall and planting

Visitors to the garden this year will notice some developments around and about. We have been working on an area towards the top of the drive and through the course of removing bramble and two conifers which had past their sell by date we uncovered a wall feature previously hidden. Although there is still work to be done, we have planted snowdrops on the different levels making an attractive feature to the garden.Of course the flooding in December and the months following have caused us issues with some of the banking being washed away in areas and fences down, but we are tidying things up as best we can.

More snowdrops have been planted along the river path which should increase year on year to provide a more continuous white carpet.

The herbaceous project is still ongoing, and the bed is now completely empty of perennials and we are dealing with the
bindweed root as the weather conditions allow, the weather here this winter has been less than favourable for this job but we will continue as soon as possible.

Snowdrop Weekend 20/21 February 11 – 4


Snowdrops in the herbaceous border

It is the run up to our Snowdrop weekend and Ken and Mary have been chopping things back and sorting things out. The herbaceous border is looking a little sad as we are still tackling the bindweed issue.  There will be lots to see, a lovely walk to be had and snowdrops are just beginning to stick their little lovely heads out, so should look fab by the time we open. Do take a look on our events page…




September Garden Open Weekend

The school holidays are charging on at a pace and soon we will be open again. We decided to add another date this year and as September can be a good month here, we thought we would strike early. There might not be loads of autumn colour, but leaving it much later and we would no doubt be competing with the wind and the rain for it to be any fun.

The War of the Roses weekend was so brilliant that I hope if you weren’t able to get round much of the gardens then, what with all the canon fire and battles, then you might visit us in September.

Lots to see and do and buy! If you haven’t been for a while there are a couple of garden developments to catch up with too. (just don’t mention the bindweed)


War of the Roses weekend is nearly here

sir J SAvile 3

Learning about battle – The bill drill

I am so excited (and very nervous) that next weekend we host our first War of the Roses re-enactment here at Hornby Castle.

There is going to be so much stuff for everyone to see and join in with, weaponry demonstrations, dances and battles I can’t wait and our two children are a bit giddy with all that will be going on.

I have confirmed the ice cream van and hog roast so it is all systems go….keep checking back on the website as I will update it with information of timed events as I have them confirmed to me.

Canons in action

Canons in action


May opening gets ever closer


New planting in progress


New planting in progress

We are really beginning to work hard on the final push to get the gardens looking lovely for opening on the 16/17th May. The really exciting change is the Bamboo bed – (new names  for this area currently under discussion) The bamboo has mostly been dug out, with a bit of help from a digger, but the soil needed to be sifted thoroughly, by hand to make sure no root remains, this has taken a very long time and it is with much excitement that at the end of last week the bed was fully planted. So if you are reading this and have visited the gardens before you will definitely notice a huge change.

To me the garden looks so different and I am excited to hear the comments from new and previous visitors alike. All details of our open weekend are on our gardens page. 


Sunday Snowdrops – OPENING EARLY to beat the weather

Yellow snowdrops Today we had an amazing number of people through the gates – around 500! The weather isn’t looking so fabulous for tomorrow, but we will be open from 11-4 officially, but if you are here early we will have someone on the gate from 10am so you can try and beat the weather. Do call in if you are nearby.

Yellow Snowdrop

Snowdrop weekend – the gates are open

The sun is shining and the gates are open, so come and see us here at Hornby Castle Gardens today.
Snowdrops HornbyThe snowdrops are looking fabulous in the sunshine and you can bring the dog for a hearty walk. There is pottery to buy and plants for sale.

If you are interested in the history of the castle stop by for a historical talk in the castle drawing room at 12noon and for the keen horticulturalist, Ken Green our head gardener will be giving a talk in the walled garden at 2pm. Not to mention Wyn Abbot’s amazing pottery and ceramic sculpture, plus tea and cake!

We hope you can join us. (Please note apart from the drawing room, the castle itself is not open).

New Event – the Sir John Savile Household

Very exciting news here at Hornby, we are hosting the Sir John Savile Household on the 27 – 28 June 2015, they are a historical re-enactment society and they will be here for two days.

Come and experience life during the 15 century, Wars of the Roses.

See how Sir John’s men were trained in the arts of warfare – including the mighty English warbow, see his spearmen armed with the feared English Bill and marvel at his guns, the pinnacle of military technology!

The dances of the time will be performed by the household and join in if you wish. The camp will also have members of the group in full period dress so there will be chances to learn about the clothing, fashions and status.

We will be opening the gardens as usual and there will be refreshments on site, as well as a pottery and ceramic exhibition and historical talks in the castle drawing room.

Put the date in your diary and come along!

Happy New Year & Snowdrops!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Hornby Castle.

We are working hard to get the gardens ready for the Snowdrop weekend in February 21/22 2015. There is a lot of muck to move from the changes we are making to some of the main borders and this is taking time and some fair amount of back strain!

The first snowdrops are beginning to poke their heads through the ground. Always exciting to see the garden with the first bits of life in both the hellebores and the snowdrops and the odd primrose.

Do come and see us in February, there will be Wyn Abbot displaying her wonderful ceramics and tea and cakes in the walled garden. Talks as usual from Sue Bull on the history of the house and Ken Green giving his gardening talks too.

We are open from 11-4 and the admission is £4. Dogs allowed on leads.