What’s happening in the garden – February

The new wall and planting

Visitors to the garden this year will notice some developments around and about. We have been working on an area towards the top of the drive and through the course of removing bramble and two conifers which had past their sell by date we uncovered a wall feature previously hidden. Although there is still work to be done, we have planted snowdrops on the different levels making an attractive feature to the garden.Of course the flooding in December and the months following have caused us issues with some of the banking being washed away in areas and fences down, but we are tidying things up as best we can.

More snowdrops have been planted along the river path which should increase year on year to provide a more continuous white carpet.

The herbaceous project is still ongoing, and the bed is now completely empty of perennials and we are dealing with the
bindweed root as the weather conditions allow, the weather here this winter has been less than favourable for this job but we will continue as soon as possible.